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The Secret Of WordPress’ Popularity For Creating websites

WordPress is a common choice of developers for creating information portals. This system has deservedly won the leader’s place in this niche, and why – let’s find out together now!


CMS WordPress refers to proven developments. It was founded in 2001. Many administrators and webmasters have long been concerned with staying true to it. Although there is another opinion that relates to the fact that WordPress has many shortcomings.

Programmers from different parts of the world are committed to promoting the system. There is no CEO, although the right to the trade name belongs to the WordPress Foundation. An interesting fact is that they created this non-profit organization specifically so that the product remains available for free to anyone who needs it.

WordPress add-ons are developed by many different organizations, some of which make millions of dollars from plugins.

To date, 1/3 of all resources on the web work on this system. Prefer WordPress because of its ease of use to create a new website, as well as its continued use. With the help of a number of commercial templates and plugins, you can create any information portal, and some programmers even manage to implement online stores on the WordPress platform. The last decision is controversial, because if you analyze the situation, it is better to give preference to CMS OpenCart with a set of proposed modules for the implementation of online trading.

Main use of WORDPRESS

Talking about the specialization of WordPress, it is worth noting that it is better to develop websites on this platform:

  • information and news topics;
  • Blogs;
  • Business cards and portfolio;
  • Geschäftsorientierung.


As mentioned above, webmasters prefer WP, for this reason we propose to start identifying the strengths of the system, and only then we will mention its shortcomings.


The engine can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet. Of course, this parameter will attract the attention of the audience interested in creating its own information portal, in which, initially, there is no desire to invest in the future due to the lack of confidence in its success.

The platform may well exist without receiving financial reinforcement from the owner. Only if you do not want a simple blog, but something more serious, you need to worry about developing a website for WP. Solving the problem will not lead to a tidy sum, to cope with the implementation of most requirements, help properly selected plug-ins, which our specialists will understand.


To get a WordPress site up and running, it only takes 4 minutes. If you work with other hosting owners, you need to have a little more time on your hands. But anyway, the resource on WP starts and works pretty quickly.


Working with WordPress brings joy to beginners, as developers are concerned about the presence of a logically understandable interface and its friendly format. In fact, there should be no problems with navigating the site, as well as adding data.

It’s very simple – you read what’s indicated on the button and click on it when you want to perform its function. Decisions can be made without having to read manuals and rely on intuition.

We developed WordPress as a platform for blogging. Despite the improvements made over the course of 10 years, the basis and principle of operation remained the same. For this reason, all blog builders prefer to work with WordPress.

Based on our practice, we can say that it is much easier to maintain and build websites on WordPress than on other search engines. Especially like the platform for beginners who are just mastering this niche, especially since our customers can always rely on Lobster website developers who are willing to provide reliable help.


The trend of customizing websites for smartphones and mobile devices hasn’t bypassed WordPress. This option is valid by default on the system. The theme is simple and ready to work with different resolutions. If the task is to collect a website with informational topics on WordPress, our specialist will easily do this and make sure that the audience with tablets and smartphones can use it comfortably. The interface is transferred to users of mobile devices according to the author’s idea.


When mentioning the basic themes and plugins for WordPress, it’s important to note that third-party vendors are working on them, but this is no reason to assume that the product is of poor quality. For themes, the blog owner has to pay, but only if you want to differentiate your website from others. In the initial phases, you can use a standard visualization.

As for plugins, we do not recommend abandoning them. There are a number of options when this is simply not possible. With the help of plugins, you can significantly expand the possibilities of the engine. Often used by our developers Jetpack. This plugin is responsible for the security of the portal. He will not allow the actions of scammers on the Internet who have set themselves the goal of hacking the site or launching viruses into it.

The bbPress plugin is equally useful. With its help, we will create a forum on the site, and Akismet will be useful to automatically control comments on the resource, which will allow you to track the presence of spam in messages.

The database of plugins is growing with enviable regularity. If you analyze the situation, we can say that they come out almost every week. Our webmasters, who place high demands on the development of information portals, know a number of valuable and practical ways that allow you not only to use the basic functions of WP, but also to create unique products.


No less attention should be paid to such a parameter as the friendliness of search engines in relation to the information resource. Experienced SEOs have a positive attitude towards the WordPress engine and find that this platform is perfectly aligned with the realities and trends in website promotion.

Useful for these purposes are Yoast SEO and Jetpack plugins as well as similar developments. Specialists of Studio Lobster will install them in accordance with all requirements. The plugins are based on valuable tools that allow you to successfully optimize the content on the site for the needs of the leading search engines on the web. With their help, it is also possible to introduce keywords and markups requested by users into the texts. Generally, they aim to ensure that the resource on WordPress has been viewed loyally by search robots. You should not underestimate such plugins, because if they did not exist, the optimization would take a very long time. Our developers prefer the engine to take over most of the tasks and relieve customers of a number of worries about the future promotion of the portal.


All materials based on WordPress have no structural connection with the visual representation of the resource. This is a useful solution if in the future the brand, design, style and other attributes on the site change. Pages and records stay in place, nothing available to the owner is not lost, including the resource developers’ working tools. It is permissible to change the portal despite the radicality of the decision.


This option lets you apply wordPress code as you like—change, improve, or deteriorate it. The same goes for plugins. This solution allows the owner to save investment in the project. There are many interesting ready-made codes on the web that help extend the functionality of WordPress. We add them to your website on the appropriate engine so that the customer can take full advantage of the resource!


In objectivity, our webmasters can not be denied, so even on such a popular platform as WordPress they found bugs. Let’s label them now!


In the basic version, there is no backup, so you cannot create a backup copy of the project. To save data, you need to make an effort to find a suitable plugin.


Assuming that there are a number of plugins on the website, you may encounter «errors» after one of the tools has gone through the update phase. This prevents the pages from opening because an error has been detected. When the engine is updated, it is fraught with a lack of complete compatibility with themes and plugins, which will lead to major problems with the site as a whole. Experienced users of WordPress sites know that if error 500 occurs, there is nothing left but to “roll back” to the previous version in emergency mode. Specialists of the lobster studio help to solve this situation with minimal losses for the portal user.


Open source WordPress can refer to the advantages of the engine, but this feature negatively affects the vulnerability of the project. In addition, the popularity of the system on the web attracts the attention of hackers, which only patches from WordPress developers can resist. For this reason, the Lobster Studio specialists prefer to deal with CMS whose source code is closed, as they are less vulnerable to attacks.


As mentioned earlier, the development of the WordPress engine deals with enthusiasts. In case of an error, you can ask for help in the forum, but if there is no acceptable solution, you need to be prepared for serious complications of the task in the form of self-study of programming languages, contacting Google and trying to solve the situation personally. To compensate for this shortcoming, it is quite realistic to contact our development team.


The main reason why WordPress is not recommended for the development of online stores and commercial resources is the fact that the engine is not synchronized with the 1C accounting system. The service is not cheap. It will be more expedient to create a commercial project immediately on OpenCart. The specialists of the Lobster studio have experience in carrying out these tasks, and we are ready to tell the customer the right solution.


From the foregoing, we can conclude that WordPress is a simple and convenient engine for implementing information projects, which is completely unprofitable to create commercial websites. It is rightly in high demand on the web, and its advantages and disadvantages often overlap and compensate each other.

CMS is not only in demand among users, but also among hackers who send viruses there. Thanks to the open source code, you can regularly expand the capabilities of the system, but this can lead to common errors due to updating themes and plugins. Whether you like it or not, but there is no perfect CMS, and if you are interested in developing a quality website on WordPress, our team will provide the support it deserves in accomplishing this task. We are professionals in the field of programming and are ready to take on a project of any complexity!

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