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The leading digital agency with the best prices

Recognized as one of the industry’s most cost-effective SEO and web design agencies, Clear Design is the online brand representation of BMA Business Solutions GmbH. Serving SMEs across the globe, we pride ourselves on designing intuitive, responsive websites that serve as cornerstones for business growth. As a trailblazing Swiss digital agency, we bring to the table innovative solutions that enable businesses to amplify their online presence and thrive in the digital world.

How BMA Business Solutions Delivers Premium Services at Competitive Prices

At BMA Business Solutions, our guiding principle is to offer unparalleled web design services at prices that defy industry norms. But how do we strike a balance between affordability and quality? It boils down to optimizing processes, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering dedication to efficiency.

Cost Efficiency Our team thrives on a lean and agile framework, emphasizing efficiency at every turn. By refining our methodologies and slashing unnecessary overheads, we channel those savings directly to our clients.

AI-Driven Operations The wave of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries, and we’re riding its crest. By automating routine tasks and tapping into AI’s foresight, our operations are both swift and astute. This not only trims our costs but also accelerates our delivery timelines.

Adaptable Design Templates Our journey often commences with versatile templates, which we then tailor to craft distinct designs for every client. These templates serve as a robust base, enabling us to channel our energies into the nuances of creative web design. By infusing your brand’s signature style and ethos, we metamorphose these templates into websites that echo your business’s persona.

Advanced Page Builders Our toolkit boasts modern page builders like Gutenberg Blocks and Elementor. These platforms amplify our efficiency by offering intuitive interfaces and modifiable modules. This means we can assemble and tweak web pages without the need to code each element from the ground up.

With these tools and strategies in our arsenal, BMA Business Solutions stands as a beacon of affordability without any compromise on quality. Our mission is clear: to democratize top-notch web design, making it attainable for businesses of all scales and budgets.

No longer do you need to ponder, “What will a website set me back?” With us, you’re guaranteed industry-leading quality at prices that are simply unmatched.

How much does a website cost from Clear Design

Important Client Advisory from BMA Business Solutions:

For the timely and efficient design of your website, we kindly request all our clients to furnish the complete content for their site. This encompasses text for every page, inputs for the privacy policy, and all media assets like images, banners, or videos.

Timely Submission: To prevent any delays in your website’s completion, it’s crucial to provide all content promptly. If you find content creation challenging, we’re here to help. For a nominal fee of 50 CHF per page, we can generate content tailored to each page. Kindly note, any subsequent revisions are priced at 150 CHF for the Basic and Premium tiers, and 600 CHF for the Pro tier.

Our commitment is to ensure your website adheres to the pinnacle of quality standards. Your proactive collaboration in content provision is pivotal to this endeavor. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding!

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